You can download IMR Eva Monitoring App via Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

1. Enter your username and password, then press Login.

  • Check Don't Log me Out to be automatically logged in every time you open the application.
  • Tap to retrieve a new password.

2. Overview the list of all locations and check their status.

  • Total number of locations with/without problems
  • Filter the locations by fuel level, location name, date of the last readout, and location status. You can simultaneously filter the data by more than one parameter, e.g by last readout and location name.
  • If any problem has occurred in the selected location, the triangle will be marked with red and the type of problem will be displayed in a detailed view.
  • Tap the selected location to see its details.
  • Log out of the application, view all locations on the map, and search field at the bottom part.

Possible Types of Problems

  • No data was received from the OKO data logger within the specified time period (e.g. 25h*)
  • The poor battery level of OKO (e.g. below 10%*)
  • No communication with any assigned Alevels at defined hour within the specified time period (e.g. below 10%*)
  • The poor battery level of Alevel (e.g. below 10%*)
  • Poor radio link quality between OKO data logger and Alevel.
  • LOLO level exceeded - tank level below the allowed value.
  • HIHI level exceeded - tank level above the allowed value.

3. Scroll the page to see the daily consumption and tank level data.

  • The name of the street.
  • The available amount of fuel considering the maximum amount of fuel in the tank, which is 85%* of the total tank capacity.
  • Viewing data from last week, last month, and last 3 months.
  • Tap the map icon and tap the marker on the map and press the Directions button to be automatically redirected to the GPS navigation map, where you can plan the route from your current location to the location selected on the map.

* The value can be personalized by request of the clients

You can download a PDF Copy of the IMR Eva Monitoring User Guide in the attachment.